Remarks of the Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in Australia on the Xizang(Tibet) Separatist’s Visit to Australia

2023-06-22 21:04

Recently, in disregard of China's solemn position, Australia has allowed the leader of the so-called “Tibetan government-in-exile” to visit Australia and permitted his appearance at the Australian Parliament and the National Press Club to spread “Tibet independence” remarks flagrantly. The Chinese side expresses its strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition to this and has lodged stern representations with the Australian side.

The so-called “Tibetan government-in-exile” is a separatist political organization with the agenda of pursuing “Tibet independence”. It is completely in violation of China's Constitution and laws and not recognized by any country in the world. The head of the illegal organization currently is making visits all over Australia and his accusation of Xizang's “genocide”,“cultural genocide”, “boarding schools” and “destruction of the ecological environment” completely disregards facts and are purely political lies with ulterior motives. The so-called “middle way” he advocates is actually with the purpose of peddling the proposition of “Tibet independence” and making Xizang-related affairs an international issue, which in essence are anti-China separatist activities. 

Over the seven decades since its peaceful liberation, Xizang is enjoying sound economic growth, social stability, ethnic solidarity, religious harmony, cultural vitality, well-preserved ecological environment and improving living-standards. The freedom of religious belief of the Xizang people is fully guaranteed in accordance with the law. Chinese government attaches great importance to the protection and development of Xizang culture. The study and use of the Xizang language is protected by law. In order to ensure that all children enjoy the right to education equally, the local government has set up boarding schools according to people's voluntary and actual needs. The human rights situation in Xizang is at its best in history. This is an undeniable fact for any unbiased individual.

Xizang-related issues are not about ethnicity, religion or human rights, but an important matter of principle concerning China's sovereignty and territorial integrity. China and Australia are now in a critical stage of stability and improvement in bilateral relations. We hope the Australian side would come to realize what the Xizang-related issues are really about, immediately stop in any way supporting or sending any serious wrong signals to the “Tibet independence” forces to engage in anti-China separatist activities, and take concrete actions to  improve, uphold and further develop a sound China-Australia relationship.