The Embassy and Consulates of China in Australia to Reduce Regular Visa Fees

2023-12-08 18:00

To facilitate personnel exchanges between China and foreign countries, from 11 December 2023 to 31 December 2024, The Embassy and Consulates of China in Australia will reduce the regular visa fees for all foreign travelers to China (excluding expedited fees). The reduced visa fee table is as follows:

I.Australian citizens(Unit:Australian Dollar)

II.Other Country(Unit:Australian Dollar)

Visa applications accepted before 0:00am on December 11th 2023 will still be charged according to the former standard.

                                                               Embassy of China in Australia

                                                          Consulate General of China in Sydney

                                                         Consulate General of China in Melbourne

                                                            Consulate General of China in Perth

                                                          Consulate General of China in Brisbane

                                                          Consulate General of China in Adelaide

                                                                      8 December 2023