Notice on China-bound foreign passengers
2022-11-13 17:53

The Embassy and Consulate-Generals of China have updated the application procedures of Health Codes. Passengers who travel on and after the releasing date are kindly required to read and follow instructions below:

1.All passengers should take one nucleic acid test within 48 hours before departure, To make sure that the passengers get the health codes smoothly, we strongly suggest you take the test two days before your flight. For example, if you fly on 3rd December, you should take the test on 1st December.

2.The nucleic acid test result should be uploaded to the Embassy or Consulate-General, and if meeting the requirements, the Embassy or Consulate-General will issue the Green Health Code for the passengers. Please show the Green Code to the airlines during boarding. If you cannot provide the Green Code, you will not be allowed for boarding.

3.If you have infection history / are a close contact / show suspected symptoms, you can take the nucleic acid test as the other passengers do to apply for the Green Code, and do not need to go through the pre-confirmation procedure of the Embassy or Consulate-General.

4.The passengers should apply for the Electronic Health Codes by logging on the website of via computer or smart phone. You can fill in the information, declare the health status and upload relevant documents online. The following documents should be uploaded for application:       

(1)Your test result reports(text message reports not accepted);

(2)Flight itinerary;


(4)Chinese visa or resident permit;

5.Important Reminder

(1)Passengers who take transiting flights to China can choose any one departing city to take the nucleic acid test and upload regardingly. The test should be taken within 48 hours before the departure of the last flight to China. In order to get the health code smoothly, we strongly suggest you take the test and upload as early as possible.

(2)The health code is only available for flights to Chinese Mainland. If you need to fly to Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR, Taiwan province or transit in places above to Chinese Mainland, please get to acquire information of relevant COVID-19 requirements from local governments in advance.

(3)Passengers have the obligation to comply with the relevant Airlines’ COVID-related tests and requirements.

(4)Passengers are reminded to bring the hard copies of all relevant PCR tests for the pre-boarding checkup.

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