Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson's Remarks on June 19, 2020
2020-06-19 07:29

Shenzhen TV: Australian media reported that while the UN Human Rights Council was holding an urgent debate on US racism, Australia worked behind the scenes, attempted to change the text of the draft resolution before voting, and lobbied for a watered-down approach stressing all life matters in order to stop the vote on the motion calling for an investigation into US racism and police violence. Australia is deemed as a US proxy as it spared no effort to push for an independent international inquiry of the coronavirus and then did everything it could to thwart a probe into US racism. Does China have a comment?

Zhao Lijian: I have noted relevant reports. This is just another proof that some people in Australia are so hypocritical that they feel no qualms in openly using double standards and unscrupulously making political maneuvers in the international affairs. We also have a piece of advice for the relevant country: if it truly wants to make its presence felt in the management of international affairs, it should learn to make objective and unbiased judgement based on the right and wrong of the matter in question.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation: The Australian government claimed that a sophisticated state actor has carried out large-scale hacking attacks against Australia. Some are briefing media in Australia that it's China, although the Australian prime minister isn't naming the country. Does China have any comment?

Zhao Lijian: China is a staunch guardian of cyber security and also one of the greatest victims of hacking. We oppose and crack down in accordance with law all forms of cyber espionage and attacks. This position is consistent and clear.

I believe what you were referring to in your question is the ASPI. China has pointed out many times that this organization has been funded by the US government and arms dealers. It is interested in making and playing up anti-China stories. Leading the charge in slandering China, it has no credibility to speak of. There is no factual basis to the attack and accusation made by this institute, just nonsense.



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