Four Q&As on the Official Visits to the South Pacific Island Countries by State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi (IV)
2022-06-01 16:16

Q: The just-concluded foreign ministers' meeting of China's Pacific Island countries failed to sign the cooperation agreement. What is China's comment on that?

A: The relations between Pacific island countries and China are based on equal treatment, mutual respect, win-win cooperation, as well as  openness and inclusiveness. In carrying out practical cooperation with island countries in various fields, China has always been listening attentively to the voice of island countries. The cooperation between two sides is based on island countries' needs and requirements, on the premise of island countries' consent, and on the basis of equal consultation. As for the relevant cooperation documents of this Foreign Ministers' Meeting, PICs attach great importance to and welcome China's cooperation initiatives and specific plans in various fields, and constantly put forward new ideas and suggestions during consultations on an equal footing. At this meeting, new consensus has been reached. All countries agreed to continue active and pragmatic discussions and strive for more consensus.

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