Four Q&As on the Official Visits to the South Pacific Island Countries by State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi (II)
2022-06-01 16:09

Q: Some Australian media believe that the signing of the security cooperation agreement between China and Solomon Islands is aimed at establishing military bases and militarizing the South Pacific region. What is your comment on that?

A: Recently, the Australian media has repeatedly hyped the argument that the China-Solomon Islands framework agreement on security cooperation is aimed at establishing Chinese military bases and promoting militarization in the South Pacific region, which is completely inconsistent with the facts. The social rioting in the Solomon Islands last year not only severely disrupted the normal economic and social development of the Solomon Islands, but also threatened the safety of life and property of all Chinese citizens in the country. In response to the urgent request from Solomon Islands side, China provided police supplies and equipment, as well as personnel training to help Solomon Islands effectively maintain public security and social order. During the same period, the Australian government also dispatched defence forces to assist the Solomon Islands side in maintaining public order at its request. China and Australia have kept close contact and cooperation in this regard.

During the visit, State Councilor Wang Yi further clarified China's position on the security cooperation between China and Solomon Islands. The framework agreement signed by China and Solomon Islands is based on Solomon Islands' needs and requirements, on the premise of Solomon Islands' consent, and on the basis of equal consultation. It aims to assist Solomon Islands in improving its policing and law enforcement capabilities and support Solomon Islands to better safeguard its social order while also protecting the safety of Chinese citizens and institutions in Solomon Islands. China has no intention to establish military bases. The security cooperation is fair, reasonable and legitimate with everything being operated in an open and transparent manner.

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