Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson's Remarks
2021-11-23 16:19

Global Times: In response to the Chinese Embassy to Australia's remarks regarding Australia's nuclear-powered submarine deal, Australian Defence Minister Peter Dutton on November 19 called Chinese official's remarks provocative, silly and funny. Do you have any comment on that?

Zhao Lijian: Mr. Dutton's remarks are extremely absurd and irresponsible. As a senior official of the Australian government, he is obsessed with the Cold War mentality and ideological prejudices. Driven by selfish political gains, he has repeatedly made provocations, sensational and astonishing statements on China-related issues. He wouldn't scruple to hijack Australia onto the chariot in confrontation with China. His real intention has been exposed to all.

For a while, some Australian politicians have been hyping up "China threat", wantonly criticizing and attacking China, provoking tension and inciting confrontation and making all sorts of trouble. On issues relating to Taiwan, they grossly interfere in China's domestic affairs and bolster and embolden "Taiwan independence" forces. Its nuclear submarine cooperation with the US and the UK undermines international nuclear non-proliferation efforts, aggravates arms race, and has caused grave concern among regional countries. Such acts run counter to the trend for peace, development and cooperation in today's world and is detrimental to Australia's own interests and its international image.

Certain Australian politicians should discard the Cold War mentality and ideological bias and not to erect any "imaginary enemy" when it's completely uncalled for. If they attempt to pocket selfish political gains by singing the anti-China tune, they will end up shooting themselves in the foot and becoming a laughing stock in the world.

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