Foreign Ministry Spokesperson's Remarks
2018-08-23 21:46

Q: The Australian government announced this morning to effectively ban Huawei from the building of the 5G network. In the statement this morning, they talked about they did not want companies which might be subject to the influence of foreign governments, particularly ones that have different laws with Australia. Are you concerned about this and is this a blow to Australia-China relations?

A: We have noted the relevant statement issued by the Australian government as well as the response from the relevant party. We are gravely concerned about the statement of the Australian side.

The Chinese government always encourages Chinese enterprises to carry out economic cooperation with others while abiding by international rules and local laws. The cooperation between the Chinese and Australian enterprises is mutually beneficial in nature. The Australian side should facilitate such cooperation, as this serves the interests of not only the Chinese enterprises but also the Australian companies and consumers. The Australian side should know better than citing all sorts of excuses to erect artificial hurdles and enforce discriminatory measures. We urge the Australian side to abandon its ideological bias and level the playing field for Chinese enterprises' operation in Australia.

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