Foreign Ministry Spokesperson's Remarks
2018-07-06 22:00

Q: The imposition of an additional 25% tariff on 34 billion dollars worth of Chinese goods by the US administration has officially come into effect today. What is the response of China's Foreign Ministry to it?

A: In blatant violation of the WTO rules, this wrong move of the United States will deal a blow to the global trading order, cause fluctuations in the global market and hamper global economic recovery. More transnational corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises and consumers around the world will be hurt and a lot of industries and the general public in the US have come to realize that they will suffer a lot from it.

Actually, this string of unilateralist as well as trade and investment protectionist measures recently taken by the US administration have aroused wide concern and condemnation worldwide and incurred countermeasures and retaliatory moves from many countries.

The Chinese side is always opposed to unilateralism and trade and investment protectionism. We have been making utmost efforts to make the relevant party view the globalization process in an objective way and deal with the differences and problems arising in the trade relations in a reasonable manner. However, this calls for similar efforts from the relevant party likewise. Any attempt to pressure others alone is futile and no illusion should be cherished in this regard. When China's legitimate rights and interests are treated unfairly, we are justified in taking necessary countermeasures. The Spokesperson of China's Commerce Ministry said today that we will inform the WTO of what's going on and we are determined to work with other countries around the globe to uphold free trade and multilateral trading regime.

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